6 Travelling Essentials You Should Purchase from Your Local Army Disposal Store

Travelling gear can be expensive, and if you're doing a long distance or overseas trip on a shoestring, many of the travelling 'essentials' are simply unaffordable from the major chain travel stores. Your local army disposal store, however, stocks a large variety of travel equipment and accessories at a fraction of the cost, without compromising on quality or utility. Here are a few top picks for purchasing your travelling essentials from your local army disposal store.

1. The Travel Pack

An army disposal backpack embodies two things you really look for in a travel bag- versatile and robust. With a focus on mobility and quick access to luggage items, an army disposal bag is the perfect companion for your next travelling expedition. Best of all, you'll pay a fraction of the cost of a conventional travel pack, as you're purchasing surplus stock at a heavily discounted rate.

Look for a modular bag system for the greatest versatility; consider a waterproof material if you're heading into unpredictable weather; and above all, make sure that you choose a pack that suits all your travelling needs.

2. Winter Woolies

Whether you need new long johns, warm scarves, or insulated gloves and beanies, your local army disposal store can meet all your winter warming needs. The excellent quality of army disposal undergarments and winter accessories makes them the perfect choice for eager travellers and campers on a tight budget.

3. Quality Boots

Combat boots are an ultra-comfortable and pretty stylish form of footwear for your next trip. Look for steel-caps, flexible yet thick soles and a tongue that is sewn to the body of the boot for waterproof performance.

4. Durable Jacket

Good quality warm jackets that don't weigh you down can be a very costly investment. If you're not caught up in the fashion movement or seeking the latest in technologically-advanced fabric performance, your local army disposal store is a great place to source a durable jacket for less.

Look for a thick treated canvas or waterproofed material, with a layer of good quality filling for protection against the elements throughout the colder months.

5. Lighting Equipment

For a wide range of flexible travel lighting solutions, you can't look past army disposal stores. LED technology has significantly advanced, providing high quality lanterns, head lamps and torches with extended battery life for affordable prices. For a more environmentally-friendly option, purchase lighting equipment that has rechargeable batteries- or better yet, go solar!

6. Tents

Like your backpack, a tent or swag is a crucial element of the traveller's arsenal- and can attract a large price tag accordingly. Army disposal stores (such as Centenary Disposals) stock much more than the old-fashioned military-style canvas tent: in fact they can be the perfect place to pick up everything from a lightweight dome tent to a heavier all-weather country swag. Prices can vary considerably, so discuss your needs with the customer service representative to ensure you purchase the tent that is ideal for your travelling demands.